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Workflow Triggers

Workflow Triggers

The Workflow trigger is a function that activates a particular action or series of actions based on one or more predefined events. Various customization options are available within the trigger option that caters to a business’s individual needs and requirements. These customization options make it easy for businesses to modify triggers to meet their unique objectives.

To access the workflow trigger, click on the “Add New Workflow Trigger” button to get started!

Workflow overview


Workflow overview

Editing Workflow Trigger Names

When creating a workflow trigger, you can name the trigger title according to your preference. This feature improves the organization of workflows by allowing users to identify and locate specific triggers quickly. Users can choose any name that aligns with their naming conventions, making managing multiple workflows within the platform easier.

Click to edit selected trigger


Changing Workflow Trigger Type

The Choose a Workflow Trigger feature allows you to select the trigger type assigned to a workflow. There are various trigger types available, each related to a different category in your CRM system, such as:

  1. ​Appointment Triggers​
  2. ​Contact Triggers​
  3. ​Contact Action Triggers​
  4. ​Events Triggers​
  5. ​Facebook Triggers​
  6. ​Membership Triggers​
  7. ​Opportunities Triggers​
  8. ​Payment Triggers​
  9. ​Shopify Triggers​
  10. ​Media Triggers​
  11. ​TikTok Triggers

By selecting the appropriate trigger type, you can customize your workflow’s behavior to better align with your specific business needs.

Choosing Workflow Triggers

You can select the trigger you would like to work with using the dropdown menu under Choose a Workflow Trigger.

Select workflow trigger

Adding Workflow Trigger Filters

The platform’s Filters feature allows users to apply a specific trigger to a workflow. Without a filter, the workflow will only trigger the default behavior.

Each workflow trigger has its filter, accessed by clicking on the filter icon below the relevant trigger. Once clicked, users can choose from the available filter options specific to that particular workflow trigger. This customization option helps businesses tailor their workflows to meet their unique requirements.

Add filter

Adding New Workflow Triggers

To start building a workflow, click the Add New Workflow Trigger icon. This feature allows users to quickly and easily create a new workflow by selecting the appropriate trigger and configuring its desired actions.

Users can customize the workflow once a trigger has been added by applying filters and making other modifications.

Click to add new workflow

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