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Video Tracking

Video Tracking

Note: The accuracy of the video tracking depends on whether or not you have turned off the progress bar. Keeping it toggled on would interfere with the accuracy of the workflow’s video tracking.

A video needs to be encoded for it to show up in the filters for a Video Tracking Workflow Trigger. We recommend turning off Show Progress Bar in the Video Element settings so viewers cannot move back and forwards in a video, to assure accurate progress tracking. You are also recommended to set up a Redirect for Unregistered Visitors.

All Filters


The Funnel filter lets you choose if you want any of the funnels in your CRM to be a trigger for the workflow or if you prefer for none of them to activate it. When you select this filter, you’ll then be able to choose which funnels to include or exclude with this filter.


The Video filter permits you to select any of the videos in your CRM or none of them as a trigger for the workflow. Once you have chosen this filter, you can then specify which videos to include or exclude based on your preferences for the workflow trigger.

Video Duration %

The Video Duration % enables you to activate a workflow trigger when a visitor watches a specific percentage of the video. To trigger the workflow, you will need to provide precise instructions like video duration is greater than 50%.

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