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Survey Submitted

Survey Submitted

The Survey Submitted trigger is designed for specific actions after a lead submits a survey. This trigger activates each time someone submits a survey, thus triggering the workflow created for the task. This feature allows businesses to streamline their workflow and automate certain actions based on survey submissions, resulting in improved efficiency and a more personalized customer experience.

You will need to establish a workflow trigger and action to PUBLISH workflows. Without both, you can only save the workflow, not publish it.

All Filters

To get started, click on Add New Workflow Trigger and select Survey Submitted. You can filter your trigger by clicking Add Filter and selecting Disqualified, or Survey Is.


This filter is useful when you want the system to activate the trigger based on the qualification status of each survey submitted. As shown in the image below, Disqualified “Is False” means when the survey is not disqualified (or say the survey is “Qualified”), whereas Disqualified “Is True” means when the survey is disqualified.

Survey Is

The Survey Is filter displays a dropdown list when a user has one or more surveys within the system. Users can select the survey they want to use to activate the trigger from this list.

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