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Shopify Triggers

Shopify Triggers

As you create workflows and incorporate workflow triggers, you’ll discover a category referred to as Shopify Triggers. This particular category comprises three distinct triggers, namely abandoned checkout, order placed, and order fulfilled. These triggers are specifically designed to streamline your e-commerce operations on the Shopify platform by automating essential processes such as monitoring incomplete checkouts, tracking placed orders, and confirming order fulfillment.

​Abandoned Checkout​

The Abandoned Checkout trigger is specifically designed to interact with customers who have dedicated a significant amount of time browsing products on your website, yet ultimately chose not to complete their purchase. By implementing this trigger, businesses can effectively reconnect with these potential buyers, offering them incentives or addressing any concerns that may have deterred them from finalizing their transaction.

​Order Placed​

On the other hand, the Order Placed trigger is utilized to create workflows or a sequence of actions that are activated when a customer places an order via your Shopify store. By incorporating this trigger, businesses can automate various tasks related to order processing, such as sending confirmation emails, updating inventory, and initiating shipping procedures.

​Order Fulfilled​

Furthermore, the Order Fulfilled trigger is employed to design workflows and carry out a series of actions upon the fulfillment of an order in your Shopify store. This trigger enables businesses to automate post-fulfillment processes, such as sending delivery notifications, soliciting customer feedback, and initiating follow-up marketing campaigns.

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