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Pipeline Stage Changed

Pipeline Stage Changed

When an opportunity’s pipeline stage is updated, the Pipeline Stage Change workflow trigger will be activated. This trigger operates as the opportunity card progresses through any stage within the pipeline, activating the workflow at each stage.

To get started, click on the Add New Workflow Trigger button and select Pipeline Stage Change.

All Filters

Here you have the option to add more filters to narrow down your trigger. Click on Add Filters and select.

Assigned To

The “Assign To” trigger allows you to trigger the assignment of a Contact to a User based on a condition of your choice. Simply select a team member from the dropdown to select the Assigned To.

Has Tag

Selecting the Has Tag filter option will only trigger the workflow when an opportunity card with a specific tag moves from one stage to another within a pipeline.

For instance, if an opportunity card with a Member-exclusive reward tag moves from one stage to another, this will activate the workflow.\

Lead Value

Choose the Lead value and set an operator for it.

In Pipeline

The In Pipeline filter is an option for more targeted workflow automation that triggers when an opportunity card moves from one stage to another in a specific pipeline.

Pipeline Stage

To further narrow the criteria, the Pipeline Stage filter can be used. This option targets a designated stage in the pipeline to activate the workflow when an opportunity card arrives.

For instance, if Won Deal is chosen in the LinkedIn Prospecting pipeline, this filter will only activate the workflow when a customer moves to that stage.


Choose the status you want; abandon, lost, or open. This will trigger the workflow defined by the Status filter.

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