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Ordered Fulfilled

Order Fulfilled

The Order Fulfilled trigger is used to create workflows and perform a series of actions when an order on your Shopify store has been fulfilled. Use this workflow trigger to then notify contacts once their order was fulfilled, or send internal notifications to clients. To activate this trigger, click on Add New Workflow Trigger, select Order Fulfilled, and customize the trigger with additional filters by clicking on Add Filters.


Cart Value

The Cart Value filter lets users select a cart value with specific customizations. To trigger the filter, provide instructions such as cart value is greater than $500. Symbols in the CRM can be used to interpret these instructions:

  • != : “is not equal to”

  • < : “is less than”

  • <= : “is less than or equals to”

  • == : “is equals to”

  • > : “is greater than”

  • >= : “is greater than or equals to”

  • is empty

  • is not empty

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