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Offer Access Removed

Offer Access Removed


This runs when access to an offer is removed.

The Offer Access Removed trigger initiates a workflow to withdraw a customer’s access to a specific offer.

Users are encouraged to click the Add New Workflow Trigger button to enable this trigger and choose the Offer Access Removed option from the provided selections.

By incorporating this trigger, businesses can effectively manage customer access to offers, ensuring that only eligible customers can take advantage of promotions while maintaining control over the process.

Offer removed trigger

Offer removed trigger



Further customization can be made by adding filters, selecting Offer from the dropdown menu, and selecting the appropriate offer from the second dropdown menu.

Users can save the trigger once all filters have been selected by clicking on the green Save Trigger button at the bottom right corner.

This trigger allows businesses to automate removing access to offers, improving customer experience, and optimizing operations.

Offer removed

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