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Form Submitted

Form Submitted

The Form Submitted workflow trigger will run when a form is submitted. Note that this only works if the form was created in your CRM. To get started, click on Add New Workflow Trigger and select Form Submitted from the Choose a Workflow Trigger dropdown.

You will need to establish a workflow trigger and action to PUBLISH workflows. Without both, you can only save the workflow, not publish it.

Form Submitted trigger

Form Submitted trigger

Add Filters

Form Is

To filter your results using a specific form, click the Add Filters button and select Form Is from the dropdown list. Here you can select the form from your list that you’d like to use to trigger your workflow. Utilizing this workflow is great for setting up auto-replies via SMS or email notifications to customers, as well as notifications to team members when a form is filled out that they need to follow up on.

Select the form that will trigger this workflow

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