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Abandoned Checkout

Abandoned Checkout

Abandoned Checkout trigger is used to engage with the shoppers who spent good amount of time on your website and added a few products but left the store without completing their purchase.

The Abandoned Checkout trigger is designed to connect with customers who have spent a significant time browsing products on your website but did not complete their purchase. Use this workflow trigger if you’d like to send a notification to the contact about their abandoned checkout, or even send a coupon code!

To activate this trigger, users can click on Add New Workflow Trigger and select Abandoned Checkout.


Additional filters can be added by clicking Add Filters. You have the option to filter by Duration and/or Cart Value.


Users have the option to set the duration for triggering the Abandoned Checkout workflow after a shopper leaves their Shopify store. The duration can be chosen in minutes and once the shopper exits the store within the set timeframe, the trigger will be activated.

Cart value

The Cart Value filter allows for user customization by selecting a specific value. By providing instructions such as the cart value is greater than $500, the trigger will activate. In the CRM, symbols are used to interpret these instructions:

  1. != : “is not equal to”

  2. < : “is less than”

  3. <= : “is less than or equals to”

  4. == : “is equals to”

  5. > : “is greater than”

  6. >= : “is greater than or equals to”

  7. is empty

  8. is not empty

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