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Workflow Actions

Workflow Actions

Adding workflow actions is the next step after adding workflow triggers. Here you will be telling your workflow what actions you’d like completed, removing the need for all the manual day-to-day tasks. Workflow actions include items such as sending Emails or SMS, internal notifications, adding or removing tags, updating opportunities, and more!

Adding Workflow Actions

To add a workflow action, click on Add Action and select the workflow action you’d like to take place. Workflow actions are broken down into different categories including:

  1. ​External Communications Actions 
  2. ​CRM Actions 
  3. ​Membership Actions 
  4. ​Conditions and Workflow Actions

Actions Search Bar

To access the actions quickly and easily, you can make use of the search bar by entering the action name.

Workflow Action Nodes

The nodes represent selected actions in the workflow. When you’re adding new workflow actions, make sure to save regularly so you don’t lose your progress.

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