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Math Operation (action)

Math operation functions are used to perform calculations or score metrics. An instance where this function can be used is to give scores to leads based on their responses and activities in a marketing campaign. By setting up the math operation in the workflow, the system can handle the calculations seamlessly.



Select Fields

Within the Select Fields option, there are several choices available for performing math operations.

  1. Action Name – You can name the operation or leave it blank. It would be helpful for you to identify what this workflow is about.

  2. Standard fields – Can be used for the math operations around date. If you want to run an automation before x number of days before your client’s birthday you can set up the automations accordingly.

  3. Custom Field – Here you will see all of the custom fields you have created inside of your CRM. You can choose them to perform expected math operation.


Date Of Birth Operation


By using the Date Of Birth Operation feature, users can set up a workflow to perform actions before or after a client’s birthday by a certain number of days. This enables the offering of a birthday discount to clients and initiation of a birthday marketing campaign days before their actual birthday.


Days – Enter the number of Days as per your requirements.


Months – Enter the number of Months as per your requirements.


Years – Enter the number of years as per your requirements.





Users can select the desired math operation from the dropdown menu provided. This includes options such as addition, division, multiplication, and subtraction.


Add – Use this to for the addition.

Divide – Use this to perform mathematical division.

Multiply – Choose this to perform multiplication.

Subtract – Choose this when you have to perform subtraction.


The Value field can be populated with the value required to perform the math operation.


Custom Value

This icon will allow you to choose the custom values you have created inside of your system.



Delete Operation

To remove an operation, users can click on the Delete Operation button.




Add Operator

If you need to create multiple operations based on one or more conditions you can use “Add Operator” option to do so.





Update Field

Users can select the desired field to update after the math operation has been performed from the Update Field dropdown menu.

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