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CRM Actions

When building workflows and adding workflow actions, you will notice a category called CRM Actions. This category includes actions that will complete specific actions within your CRM, such as adding/removing tags, updating opportunities, removing from workflows, sending review requests, and more!

​Add Contact Tag​

The Add Contact Tag workflow action adds tags to a contact when the workflow is executed. Employ this workflow action to assign tags to contacts when a specific event occurs, such as when forms or surveys are submitted.

​Remove Contact Tag​

On the other hand, the Remove Contact Tag workflow action allows you to delete tags associated with a contact when the workflow is executed. This functionality provides better control over contact categorization by offering the option to remove specific tags based on certain criteria or actions.

​Add/Update Opportunity​

The Add/Update Opportunity workflow action permits you to either create a new opportunity or modify an existing one in your chosen pipeline. This workflow function enables automatic updates to opportunity statuses based on a specific workflow trigger, eliminating the need for manual transfers of contacts to new opportunities.

​Add to Notes​

Additionally, the Add to Notes workflow action facilitates adding a note to the contact record. By entering the note in the specified field, you can supply valuable information for other users assigned to that contact.

​Assign To User​

The Assign to User action is tailored to allocate the identified contact to a particular user or multiple users employing a round-robin assignment approach. Make use of this workflow action to delegate the entire workflow or particular actions within it to one or more team members, allowing for efficient monitoring.

​Remove Assigned User​

On the other hand, the Remove Assigned User workflow action eliminates an assigned user from a contact. This workflow action is ideal for use following the completion of an event, such as a manual SMS or Call by a team member. Effortlessly unassign users and save time with this automated process!

​Set Event Start Date​

The Set Event Start Date workflow action empowers users to define the day, date, and time for the event’s commencement. This facilitates the utilization of Wait events that retain contacts relative to the established day, date, and time.

​Add to Workflow​

The Add to Workflow action allows users to include a contact in another workflow while in their current workflow. This workflow action proves helpful in adding a contact to another workflow once they have reached a specific step in the current workflow, facilitating smooth transitions.

​Remove From Workflow​

Conversely, the Remove From Workflow action is activated when there is a need to extract contacts from a specific workflow. There are two alternatives: (1) enabling the Current Workflow filter allows users to remove contacts from the workflow they are presently working on, and (2) activating the Another Workflow filter lets the user select the exact workflow they wish to remove the contact from among the available workflows in their CRM.

​Remove From All Workflows​

Additionally, the Remove From All Workflows action serves to withdraw a contact from all the workflows they are currently part of. By employing this action, users can eliminate a contact from all workflows, encompassing the one they are presently constructing, by selecting the Include Current Workflow option.

​Remove Opportunity​

The Remove Opportunity action is employed to eliminate an opportunity associated with contacts in a specific workflow.

​Send Internal Notification​

To dispatch a notification to someone other than the contact within the ongoing workflow, utilize the Send Internal Notification workflow action.

​Set Contact DND​

To enable the Do-Not-Disturb feature for a contact, users should opt for the Set Contact DND workflow action.

​Edit Conversation​

To mark a Conversation as Read/Unread and Archive/Unarchive it, users should choose the Edit Conversation action. This workflow function enables the automatic marking of conversations as read/unread or archiving/unarchiving upon the occurrence of a specific event, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

​Send Review Request​

To solicit a review from a contact, users should opt for the Send Review Request workflow action, which sends a review request to the contact.

​Stripe One Time Charge​

To initiate a charge in Stripe for a predetermined amount to a specific customer in the user’s Stripe account, choose the Stripe One Time Charge workflow action. This functionality applies the designated charge to the customer’s account.

​Update Appointment Status​

The Update Appointment Status workflow function enables users to modify an appointment’s status. When a contact is included in the workflow through an appointment-related trigger like Appointment or Customer Book Appointment, the respective appointment’s status is updated. On the other hand, if a contact is incorporated using a different method, the status of their latest scheduled appointment will be updated.

​Add Task​

The Add Task workflow function within your CRM allows users to allocate tasks to themselves or their colleagues. Tasks can only be designated to active account users. This workflow action enables you to automate the creation of tasks for your team members, serving as a reminder to complete crucial tasks like scheduling follow-up sales calls.

​Add to Google Analytics​

The Add to Google Analytics workflow action is employed to initiate an event in Google Analytics, requiring users to enter specific parameters within the workflow. This method is perfect for tracking events beyond a user’s page view or visit, including form submissions, user opt-ins, or support calls.

​Add to Google AdWords​

Additionally, the Add to Google AdWords action activates a conversion event in Google Ads. To utilize this workflow action, ensure that your Google Ads account is linked in the CRM’s Integrations section found under Settings. Employ this workflow action to include leads in Google Ads when they perform an action like completing a form/survey, making a call, or finalizing a purchase.

​Update Contact Field​

The Update Contact Field workflow action empowers users to make alterations to a specific field within a contact’s record. This feature facilitates the efficient management of contact information by allowing users to easily update or correct details as needed.

​Facebook – Add to Custom Audience​

The Add to Custom Audience workflow function adds a contact to a specific custom audience on Facebook. This workflow function enables you to include contacts in a tailored audience for retargeting purposes, either when they have not yet become leads or to re-engage them following a purchase with your products/services.

​Facebook – Remove From Custom Audience​

The Remove from Custom Audience workflow action enables users to remove contacts from a specified custom audience within the platform. This functionality allows for better management of audience segments by providing the option to exclude specific contacts based on certain criteria or actions.

​Facebook Conversions API​

Additionally, the Facebook Conversions API workflow action allows advertisers to send web events straight to Facebook from their servers, bypassing third-party blocks imposed by iOS, Chrome, and Adblocker.

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