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Welcome to the world of Workflow AI Action, your solution for streamlined business operations. This tool, powered by sophisticated AI, is designed to tackle intricate tasks quickly and effectively. It’s time to bid farewell to time-consuming manual procedures and embrace a new era of efficiency with Workflow AI Action.

What is Workflow AI?

Workflow AI is a groundbreaking action within your workflow that leverages artificial intelligence capabilities to boost your business automation tactics. It flawlessly integrates with your CRM system, smartly reacting to different triggers and actions to optimize your workflows.

By using cutting-edge AI technologies like GPT-4, this action creates dynamic and contextually relevant responses, thereby enhancing your communication processes. It works harmoniously with various platforms, from social media to e-commerce and learning management systems, facilitating varied applications.

Workflow AI also handles complex data formatting and calculations to ensure further accuracy and efficiency in your operations. Serving as a workflow action, Workflow AI equips your business to be more forward-thinking, agile, and adaptable.

Usage Cases with Other Workflow Actions and Triggers:

Social Media Auto-Responder

Use Inbound Webhooks from supported social media platforms to trigger a Workflow AI response. The response can be a general appreciation for every new follower or a direct message.

Automated Birthday Wishes

Utilize the “Birthday Reminder” trigger to activate Workflow AI to send contacts a standard birthday wish via email or SMS**.**

E-Commerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

Utilize the “Abandoned Checkout” trigger to send clients a Workflow AI-generated reminder email or SMS about their abandoned cart.

Opportunity Management

Using the “Opportunity Status Changed” trigger, automatically update Google Sheets with new data and send update emails to potential clients via Workflow AI.

Course Completion Certificates

Using the “Product Completion” trigger, Workflow AI generates a congratulatory email, SMS, and certificate upon completing a course product.

Automated Booking Confirmation

Using the “Customer Booked Appointment” trigger, send a Workflow AI-generated confirmation with booking details.

Post-Purchase Survey

Using the “Payment Received” trigger, send customers a thank you message and post-purchase survey link via Workflow AI.

Form Submission Follow-Up

Use the “Form Submitted” trigger to create a Workflow AI-generated acknowledgment message to clients when they submit a form on your website.

Create a workflow and select your trigger

Here are the steps to setting up your ChatGPT workflow;

Create a workflow

Create a workflow or use an existing workflow. After adding an appropriate Workflow Trigger, Scroll to Actions and add the Workflow AI- Chat GPT Action

Ask ChatGPT for anything to generate completions.

  • Ex: “Could you generate a response for a customer message?”

  • Dynamic prompts can be created using custom values

  • You can also begin trying the prompt using already loaded examples from the dropdown menu


  • Sampling temperature is a key factor in producing AI text with different degrees of randomness. It operates on a scale from 0 to 1. Setting at higher levels, say 0.8, yields more varied and unpredictable text. Conversely, setting at lower levels, such as 0.2, creates more consistent and expected outcomes. By modifying the sampling temperature, users can tailor the balance between creativity and predictability in AI-generated content. This flexibility enables users to customize the AI’s output based on their unique needs and preferences.


  • Once the ChatGPT has been configured, the outcomes it generates can be incorporated into subsequent steps within your Workflow. In your process, you would reference these results as {{chatgpt.1.response}}.

Sample Prompts

  • GENERATE A RESPONSE – Reply to Customer Message


Your name is {{}}. You are a helpful, creative, clever, and very friendly assistant. Generate the best response email to {{}} from {{}} for the below message.


  • GENERATE EMAIL/SMS CONTENT – Dynamic Content for Email/SMS

Prompt: Generate email content without subject to promote the product in this link YOUR_WEBSITE to {{}} from {{}}

  • CHECK INTENT – Check whether the message received has positive or negative intent with the power or Workflow AI and take action accordingly.

Prompt: Just reply only with POSITIVE, if the below message has POSITIVE INTENT and negative if the message has NEGATIVE INTENT {{message.body}}

  • TRANSLATE – Translate your default content to the contact’s language.


Translate the below content from English to DESIRED_LANGUAGE

Hey {{contact.full_name}}, Thanks for reaching us. Let us know how we can help you!


Can I customize the behavior and responses of the Workflow AI Action?

Absolutely! You can configure the Workflow AI Action by setting the desired temperature, which controls the randomness of the generated responses. Higher temperatures produce more creative but less predictable responses, while lower temperatures produce more focused and deterministic outputs.

Are there any limitations or considerations when using the Workflow AI Action?

While the Workflow AI Action offers powerful capabilities, it’s important to note that it relies on the underlying ChatGPT model. The responses generated by the AI may not always be perfect, and it’s recommended to review and validate the output before sending it to customers. Additionally, extensive testing and monitoring are crucial to ensure the quality and accuracy of the generated responses.

Can I use other Workflow actions and Triggers with the Workflow AI Action?

Absolutely! The Workflow AI Action can seamlessly integrate with other Workflow actions and Triggers to enhance the capabilities of your workflows.

Here are some examples:

Custom Lead Qualification:

Trigger: Inbound Webhook with lead data.

Action: Engage with the lead using ChatGPT within the Workflow AI Action. Based on the conversation, use other Workflow actions to qualify the lead and trigger appropriate actions, such as assigning a sales representative or updating the lead status.

Intelligent Customer Support:

Trigger: Customer Replied or Inbound Webhook with support ticket data.

Action: Utilize ChatGPT within the Workflow AI Action to understand the customer’s query or issue. I’d like you to combine it with other Workflow actions to generate a well-informed and personalized response. Additional actions can include updating the ticket status, assigning it to a support agent, or sending a response via email.

Dynamic Content Generation:

Trigger: Inbound Webhook with a dynamic content request.

Action: Generate dynamic content using ChatGPT within the Workflow AI Action. I’d like you to combine it with other Workflow actions to process the generated content, make modifications or validations, and deliver it through the desired communication channel.

Contextual Sales Recommendations:

Trigger: Contact Changed or Inbound Webhook with contact data.

Action: Analyze the contact’s profile and previous interactions using ChatGPT within the Workflow AI Action. Based on this analysis, use other Workflow actions to generate personalized sales recommendations. These recommendations can be sent via email, SMS, or integrated with a CRM dashboard for the sales team.

Automated Event Registrations:

Trigger: Inbound Webhook with event registration data.

Action: Confirm event registrations and provide additional details using ChatGPT within the Workflow AI Action. Combine it with other Workflow actions to process registration data, update attendee lists, and send personalized event reminders or follow-up messages based on the ChatGPT-generated content.

By combining the power of the Workflow AI Action with other Workflow actions and Triggers, you can create intelligent and dynamic workflows that automate processes, personalize interactions, and streamline your business operations.


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