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Content AI Text

Content AI Text


This section helps you to manage all your AI-generated content. It helps you check the generated content along with variations. It is very useful in keeping track of businesses’ content creation and ensures consistency across their brand messaging.


Content AI overview


AI Overview


Total Word Generated

You can see the total number of words generated by Content AI across your entire CRM in the Total words generated tile.


Total words generated by all AI content



You can see the total number of variations created from all AI-generated content in the Variations tile.


AI content variation



The Words/day tile shows the average number of words generated in content AI per day.

AI Table

Once the content is generated on any platform, it will be registered on the content AI details page. These are sections of your CRM that you can generate Content AI:

  • Social Planner
  • Blog
  • Funnel
  • Website
  • Email


Assessing previous logs of generated content can also save time for businesses, as they can reuse content that has already been generated and make necessary tweaks or adjustments as needed.

  1. Content 

This column shows the contents created in the platform.

  1. Date 

This shows the date and time this content was created.

  1. Variation Count 

This shows the number of variations in each content AI created

  1. Transaction ID 

This shows the transaction ID of each content AI that has been generated.

  1. Total Words Count This column shows the total word count of each content.

  2. Action Menu You can copy any variations you generate by clicking on the “Go To” option, which directs you to the content page. You will see the “Copy” button in front of each content variation; click on it to copy.

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