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Paid Groups

Paid Groups: Private and Public Groups

In the world of online communities, a new feature has emerged called “Paid Groups.” This feature allows community administrators and owners to earn money from both Public and Private communities on the platform by charging users for access to exclusive content and features. It’s a way to support online communities and their creators while ensuring fair access to everyone.

Public vs. Private Groups

Administrators and owners can decide whether their group should be open to everyone (Public) or limited to specific members (Private). This choice is made in the group’s settings.

One-Time Payment

Users can opt for a one-time payment method, which grants them unlimited access to the group’s content and features after making a single payment. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Go to Settings > Subscriptions.
  • Click on “Add new price” and specify the payment amount.
  • Type it as a one-time payment.
  • Click “Add,” then “Save” to create the paid group with a one-time payment option.

You can also turn on “Test Mode” to try out the payment process without spending real money. After saving, the group description will inform potential members about the one-time payment requirement.

Recurring Subscription

Alternatively, users can choose a recurring subscription, which provides limited access to the group after payment. To set up a recurring subscription, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Subscriptions.
  • Click on “Add new price” and specify the payment amount.
  • Choose the subscription type as “Recurring.”
  • Set the trial days (if any) and select the billing period as either Monthly or Annual.
  • Click “Add,” then “Save” to create the paid group with a recurring subscription.

As with the one-time payment, you can use the “Test Mode” for payment testing. The group description will also explain the recurring subscription terms to potential members.

Accessing the Group

To grant access to members who have made payments:

  • For Private Groups, go to the People Tab, click on the Filter, select “Requested,” and either accept or deny membership requests.
  • For Public Groups, once payment is made, users become members immediately.


Both administrators/owners and users receive email notifications regarding payments, membership requests, and approvals. These notifications keep everyone informed about the process.

Cancellations and Refunds

If a member decides to cancel their subscription or request for refund, several things happen:


Members can cancel their subscriptions and request refunds through both CRM Payments and Stripe, depending on where they made the payment.

  • The user will receive a cancellation confirmation email.
  • Admins and Owners of the group associated with the subscription will receive a cancellation-received email.
  • The user will be automatically removed from the group.
Restoring Deleted Contact Cards

If a user’s contact card is mistakenly deleted and later restored, they won’t need to make the payment again. They’ll regain access to the group.

Minimum and Maximum Charge Amounts

The minimum and maximum charge amounts vary depending on the currency used. To find out the specific limits for different currencies, refer to the Stripe documentation at

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